Top Action Games for Android

Legend of Zelda:

The breath of Wild Millions of players from around the world was tempted by the Nintendo Switch, and the vast majority, if not all, did not miss a copy of “The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of Wildlife”. And not in vain: it’s good.

An epic adventure that takes the action of this veteran franchise to a gigantic open world that we can explore with complete freedom. With 9.3% of votes, BOTW took the first four places in the year. RELATED FETTER has changed the game forever.

As Street Fighter celebrates its 30th anniversary in style, we see how it revolutionized the whole genre and gave the world video game industry a much-needed boost. PlayerUnknown game fields The screenshot of the BattleUnknownPUBG battlefields is imperfect in perfection © BLUEHOLE STUDIO INC. PUBG CORPORATION / MICROSOFTS If there is one game that shook the world more than any other, PUBG is a game. It just comes out of early access, but millions of players are already tempted by their game inspired by Battle Royale, and once you’ve played it, it’s easy to understand why.

Each new game is a completely new experience, a new chance to survive and a completely different chapter on your way to fame. He has many mistakes, he is still going through a lot of changes, and in the future there will be much more content, but with 12.1 percent of votes he shows that this is the title that won all of you sympathy for the third place, and we are sure that for next year there will still be a lot to talk about.

Horizon Zero Dawn:

Horizon Zero Dawn Who would have thought that Guerrilla Games, creators of the grim Killzone franchise, would have dedicated themselves to creating one of the most beautiful, inspiring and epic games of the year?

Horizon Zero Dawn – it’s just an incredible adventure trip, an open world for learning with an exciting and difficult fight; a deep story about the experience and a visual feast for the eyes. The journey of Aloy through the post-apocalyptic world clearly blinded many of you, reaching 17.9% of the vote.

Super Mario Odyssey:

Super Mario Odyssey is always a special case when a new Super Mario game appears, and this is no different from the last adventure of Nintendo, in which a brave plumber plays. Super Mario Odyssey is huge, charming and plays with your nostalgia, surpassing your expectations from the game Mario.

It’s beautiful, charming, sometimes completely strange and almost impossible to leave. This is a playground, an oasis of pure play in its purest and genuine form. With 20 percent of the vote, this is your game of the year.

Wrapping it up:

Well, these are the top 3 games of the year. If you are willing to spend some time to sharpen your mind then these best games of the year can help you out for sure. However, you can play these games with your friends and family as well.

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