The 10 essential qualities of a good teacher

Pretty teacher smiling at camera at back of classroom at the elementary school

Every good teacher gathers these qualities and focuses them to motivate their students

What are the qualities that are most valued in a good teacher? Do their knowledge or skills matter more to share them?

We analyze the most important qualities for a teacher to be able to transmit passion for learning and personal improvement.

Teachers should be the professionals who work soft skills most, especially those related to communication and assertiveness.

Dedicating to teaching is a very vocational profession, where the motivation for transmitting knowledge and being in contact with students and professionals eager to continue learning and evolving has great weight.

Although it seems a simple and fluid profession, it is one of the specialties that suppose a greater professional challenge, especially for the teachers who dedicate themselves to the formation of students in Primary and Secondary.

In part, it will be their responsibility that the students feel motivated to learn, develop their basic skills and have the illusion of developing a professional career and a university education.

We all remember a teacher who has marked us or with whom we have learned concepts, beyond those related to knowledge matters and has encouraged us to work on our personal and professional goals.

This type of teachers, able to motivate and promote the curidadidad, usually meet these qualities:

  1. He is responsible

Here the responsibility implies that they adhere to the same expectations and standards that they demand from their students. They must be fair and equal.

It is already known that the best way to transmit values ​​is to lead by example.

  1. It is flexible

Flexibility implies that he is a dynamic professional and that he reacts to the needs of his students and the environment that surrounds them.

They are professionals who are able to integrate the current context and reality to their teachings, so that students feel involved and understand the concepts better.

  1. Observer

Although the class is made up of very diverse students with different abilities, it is able to detect the needs of each one, their shortcomings and adapt the pace of work, to what their students need to achieve success.

  1. He is a mediator

A teacher, in most cases, must also act as a mediator and focus on showing students soft skills and behaviors that help them resolve conflicts.

  1. It is cooperative

Cooperation is the key to working effectively with administrators, other teachers and parents of students.

Collaborative learning and teamwork should be the basis for transmitting knowledge and generating colloquia and ideas among the teachers themselves and among the students.

  1. It is inspiring

A good teacher must be a guide that encourages the self-taught and creative knowledge of the students.

As a professional specialized in the transmission of knowledge, you must share learning experiences that go beyond the explanation of concepts and the traditional master class.

  1. It is innovative

A good teacher is also in full training and renewal of knowledge, so that he can integrate in the classes, new methodologies, tools or resources.

Virtual classrooms or the use of technological applications have marked a new form of teaching, with which teachers must feel at ease and prepared.

  1. It is decisive

Find the necessary means to connect with all students, regardless of the challenge that arises.

You must be willing to work with different tools to ensure that students receive the training they need.

  1. It is empathetic

A good educator must be able to recognize and empathize with the problems and situations that students face.

You have to try to put yourself in the place of your students, see things from their perspective and help them develop the skills and aptitudes that will help them mature and overcome the challenges with success.

  1. He is charismatic

The ability to attract attention in a classroom full of students and be able to maintain it for a long time is very difficult, so it is necessary that the teacher design interesting, fresh and current classes, promoting curiosity and learning outside the classroom.

The teaching is based on a perfect combination of skills and knowledge and, above all, that with their intervention generate enough curiosity and motivation, so that their listeners continue investing time in their training and professional development.