The 10 best books to read this summer

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On the beach, in the pool or lying on the sofa in your house … Wherever you want, but do not stop reading these books ideal for summer

Because in summer not everything is beach and pool, take advantage of your free time to catch up with literature.

Do not you have time to open a book for the rest of the year? Do you have a few outstanding works but you never dare to start them? From Universia we want to recommend you the best 20 books to read this summer. In the classification you will find works for all tastes: poetry, novel, history, cooking, politics, science fiction, etc.

Do not wait any longer and start reading!

1) Appetites / Anthony Bourdain


Written in the purest wrong style that characterizes him and with a great sense of humor, the recipes are designed so that they can prepare themselves at home without problem and to impress the guests.

2) Like fire in the ice / Luz Gabás

Like fire on ice The fateful day on which Attua had to take his father’s place knew that his promising future had been cut short. Now he had to run the hot springs that had been the sustenance of his family, in a border land that he would never have chosen to return to.

3) How did we get into this disaster? / George Monbiot

How did we get into this disaster?

Compilation of his journalistic writings on the most pressing issues of our time, with particular emphasis on the ideology and implementation of the neoliberal project, the main culprit of the excessive concentration of wealth in a few hands.

4) The monarch of the shadows / Javier Cercas

the monarch of the shadows The monarch of the shadows recounts the search for the lost trace of an almost anonymous boy who fought for an unjust cause and died on the wrong side of history. His name was Manuel Mena and he was uncle grandfather of Javier Cercas.

5) The country where the lemon tree blooms / Helena Attlee

the country where the lemon tree blossoms The history of Italy and its citrus fruits tells us the origins of citrus, gastronomy and the country, reveals the secrets of the art of horticulture and offers us recipes as simple as succulents.

6) Examination of mills / José Manuel Caballero Bonald

exam of ingenios A hundred literary portraits of artists, arranged according to a chronological order that attends to the time in which he met them, singular moments, personal experiences of the author with writers and artists from five generational groups: those of the years 1898, 1914 , 1927, 1936 and 1950.

7) Lightness / Catherine Meurisse

the lightness On January 7, 2015, the alarm clock of the cartoonist Catherine Meurisse did not sound, causing her to arrive late to the meeting of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. His carelessness saved his life. Lightness is a refuge from human folly, but also a celebration of beauty and the art of creating.

8) The light of the dynamo / Nuria Barrios

the light of the dynamo The light of the dynamo is a book of rare love. It is divided into three parts, three stages of a path: love, childhood, death.

9) The woman who looks at men who look at women / Siri Hustvedt

10) The Uruguayan / Pedro Mairal

The Uruguayan Uruguayan is a fun novel about a conjugal crisis that also tells us about how, at some point in our lives, we must face the promises we make and that we do not fulfill

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