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Security Day 2018 reaffirms the need for innovation in cybersecurity

The fifth edition of Secutiry Day organized by ElevenPaths highlights the need to protect company data and proposes new technologies to prevent and combat computer attacks.

The companies are in full digital transformation. Every day we see more how companies veer their course towards a more digital environment, and how, consequently, they face new problems and risks to evolve their businesses. The universe of the network is complex, and one of the biggest worries for large corporations is cybersecurity. Data filtering and cyber attacks are the nightmare of the new digital age, but we can look for solutions to all this. An example of the fact that they are already taking action on the matter is the new data protection law: GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The fifth edition of the Security Day event, organized by ElevenPaths, was developed in this line. The event brought together 400 people and, under the slogan of “Cybersecurity On Board”, aimed to help companies combat and prevent cyber attacks against their technological infrastructures. In addition, it also served to certify that Telefónica has consolidated as an Intelligent MSSP, offering end-to-end cyber-resilient solutions and providing organizations with greater security in all aspects of their day-to-day operations. And always, working on the basis of five challenges to consider by the security teams: protection, visibility, control, quick reaction and simplicity of use.

In this scenario, Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths, explained to that “the main message of this edition is that Telefónica can already say that it is among the leading security companies”. In fact, the day came just a few weeks after the creation of the first Global Security Alliance: ‘Telco Security Alliance’, an agreement in which Telefónica participates and unites the main telecommunication operators of the world in order to protect the digital environment of companies.

Acquisition of the Dinoflux startup

Pedro Pablo Pérez also emphasized the acquisition of the Dinoflux startup, focused on the massive analysis of malware and the generation of real-time threat intelligence. In fact, it was the cybersecurity startup that won the last edition of the INICIBE tournament, a computer security agency in Spain.

Tools and technology to combat cyber attacks

“We continue to innovate and grow,” said Pedro Pablo in the presentation of Security Day. A good example of this was the announcement of new features and tools to make life easier in the digital environment. For example, Latch, a mobile security service for online accounts, has already been registered as a patent in the United States and continues to improve.

Another important novelty was the presentation of the Shadow Online tool, focused on making traceability to documents through the use of invisible digital watermark techniques. To these names were added technologies such as Mobile Connect, FaasT for WordPress or the Metashield service.