hair care


It does not matter if your hair is super-smooth or completely curly. If it is fine, at times it can look sad and lifeless. Although a good haircut can do wonders, do not worry if you can not do it as often as you would like. There are steps you can take at home to add volume to your hair and maintain the beauty salon look for longer. Follow the following five practical tips to make thin hair look thicker.

1. Change your routine

If your conditioner leaves your hair heavier than you would like, our revolutionary TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume collection can be the solution to your problems. Specifically formulated with a unique reverse wash system, use the prewash conditioner first to soften your hair, and then apply the shampoo to remove all unnecessary weight. The result? A natural volume every day that feels soft to the touch.

2. Think of dyeing your hair

Dyeing your hair may seem like a completely aesthetic decision, but did you know it can help your hair look thicker? If done properly and in strategic places, you can give volume and more body to fine hair. A good stylist specialized in dyes will advise you on the best way to achieve this result, so consult with professionals your specific needs and the effect you are looking for. But remember: dyed hair requires more care, so keep it well hydrated with a lightweight mask once a week.

3: Do not use so many products

Sometimes it may seem tempting to apply more and more products to your fine hair to try to give it some style, but the excessive use of gels and creams, in the long run, may have the opposite effect. Try to simplify your hairstyle with a light mousse, such as TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse, which provides an ultralight fixation and helps to give volume and height to your hair without leaving it rough or sticky.

4: Perfect the use of your electric dryer

Fine hair needs a recharge at the roots to create volume. How to achieve it? With a brush and your electric dryer. This is a tip that we love to give: instead of dividing your hair in the same place as always, try it in four directions. Brush all the hair to the side and dry it intensely with your dryer focusing on the roots, then turn it to the other side and do the same. Repeat the same process doing it backward and forwards. It sounds strange? Doing this helps to prevent your hair from falling bodily in the same place as always, and instead creates a hairstyle full of volume. Continue to dry your hair in all four directions until it is 90% dry. Then use a round brush to highlight the upper sections from the root and give a last intense drying from the bottom up to achieve a full volume look. Remember: use a spray with heat protection before using the electric dryer to help protect your hair from heat damage.

5: Fix your hairstyle

You may not want to apply too much product to your fine hair (see tip 3), but the truth is that the hairspray really helps achieve that look fresh out of the beauty salon. Some light formulas, like TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Finishing Spray, are strong without being sticky, so that your hairstyle stays beautiful all day, even in humid weather.

So the next time you ask yourself how to make thin hair look thicker, remember these tips and get a hairstyle full of volume and body.