Have you already decided to buy thermal glasses? Wait a minute! Before you fill the shopping cart we want to show you the uses of thermal glass and plastic cups, as well as give you additional tips on how to choose the best thermal glass.

Glass or plastic: What material to choose for our thermal glasses?

Among the many aspects that you have to take into account when buying a double-walled thermal glass, one of them is the material. A thermal double-walled plastic vessel is not the same as a double-walled glass thermal vessel. We tell you why!

Thermal glass vessel

The thermal glass vessel is the most conventional. In almost any house glass cups are used, plastic cups are used only in special events. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of the thermal glasses that are sold are made of glass.

The advantages of double-walled glass thermal vessels?

A thermal glass beer glass is more pleasant to the touch, heavier and overall has a higher quality, which creates a feeling more like the one we always have when drinking our delicious drink. It is not an infallible argument, it is simply related to sensations.

A glass of thermal wine glass is, in terms of appearance, more similar to conventional. Which is positive if we associate the wine with an elegant image or if, for example, we usually have wine drinkers among our visits. Here if you are not going to find a glass of plastic wine with that conventional form since it is not possible to make it.

There are other products such as thermal glass jars that are ideal for serving water in family meals in the dining room or to leave it in the kitchen.

The thermal glass juice glass is also perfect for taking the juice on a Sunday morning as we are used to.

In general, thermal glass cups are perfect for use at home.

The thermal vessel made of plastic

The plastic double-walled plastic cups are highly refined cups that provide the same benefits as glass cups in keeping the beverage cool. Their touch and appearance are different from that of a glass but they can be an alternative in the following situations:

  • Thermal plastic beer glass (and really any type of thermal glass) is great for, say, go out drinking to the terrace or garden, for by the way can be we fall and break. The same happens if we have set up a barbecue with friends and we intend to throw the house out the window.
  • The plastic thermal jug is perfect for taking refreshments in the evenings at the garden table or in the pool.
  • The plastic thermal juice glass is perfect for children.

In short, thermal plastic cups are used when there is a possibility of breaking, such as taking them to another place, drinking on the terrace, the garden, the pool, etc. or if they are going to handle children.

In addition, they are more resistant to extreme temperatures, especially hot ones.

Keep in mind what you are going to use the thermal glasses for. Depending on the amount of drink you drink you should choose a glass of one size or another.

If what you drink often is tea or coffee, a small cup or glass will be ideal. On the contrary, if what you like is to enjoy a great beer, a juice or even a soft drink, a large glass will be a better idea. However, do not get carried away by the premise that in a big glass always fits everything.

Of course, you can always choose to buy the right glass for each drink, one or two of each, which, in the end, is always the best option. That way we will always be happy and we will have chosen just what we need!


Currently, there are already many designs for all types of thermal glass that we have discussed.

However, and, of course, at our discretion, beer glasses, and wine glasses we recommend them without hesitation because you will use them almost daily.

The thermal jugs because they are going to be those that show the content of what we want to drink. In addition, they have a familiar format so, not to be the fruit of discussion, they are chosen without color and something else!

On the other hand, the wine glasses and the glass of thermal beer we like transparent to be able to enjoy all the properties of the drinks, including their color.

The other thermal glasses do give more space to be colorful and include different designs. The thermal juice glasses with floral designs in bright colors will give you even more vitality. The thermal cups of tea will look great with their lid in your different color, or if you prefer a cup, it can all be a lovely color!

Well, you know the glasses and thermal cups have come here to stay, you just have to choose what type of glass and material you prefer.

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