How to be smarter

how to be smarter

How to be smarter

There are people who seem to have been born with elegance in their veins, everything feels good, any simple piece acquires a disproportionate glamor in their bodies. But although that seems to be the case, elegance is a learned concept that can be obtained by putting into practice some simple premises. In we give you several of these keys so you can discover how to be smarter without spending all your salary on it.

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Steps to follow:

1. To begin with, elegance is not linked to money. Not all people with money are elegant, and not all people who live a little more financially just do not. Although many people think that this has to do with wearing brand clothes, you can use everything brand and yet have no idea of elegance. The elegance is, first of all, an attitude.

2. To start if you want to look elegant, avoid clothes that are too close to your body. Choose clothes of your size, which make your figure look beautiful instead of accenting each muscle, leave a pronounced neckline insight or mark every kilo or more of your body.

3. Less is more a premise that must always be respected if the goal is to look elegant. Do not use too many accessories or many prints together, look good in a balanced way. Also if you want to be more elegant never show the underwear, your panties, bra or underpants in the case of boys, should not be in sight.

4. Elegance has nothing to do with the price of the clothes but with the style with which we wear them. Better a shirt a little cheaper but we feel perfect that a more expensive that squeezes us or we have huge. In addition, the care we give to clothing is also important, keeping it always ironed, free of lint and looking good indicates that we are neat people who take care of our appearance.

5. If you have the opportunity to buy branded clothing and accessories and expect to look elegant, then avoid ostentatiously displaying all the logos of the clothes you buy. That, far from being, elegant shows how much you want people to know how much you spend in your wardrobe. It is advisable to be discreet in this aspect and not wear too many clothes with brand logos together in the same outfit.

6. What do you have in common all women and men who have been considered elegant throughout history? A classic style This does not mean that you cannot be fashionable, but if you avoid excesses, you always bet on tones that feel good, that you know how to choose and combine the colors and that you do not exceed the prints. It’s that simple

7. Learn to differentiate between striking and seductive heels and ones that seem taken from a club striptease, at the same time remember the importance of the overall look is balanced and attractive. An elegant person chooses each garment with care and detail.

You should also take into account makeup, never overdo it, remember that the best makeup is one that highlights our features increasing our beauty, without overloading anything.

8. But of course, clothes are not the only thing that shows whether we are elegant or not. The vocabulary that we use is also very important when, after the first appearance test, we must communicate with others. Speak in a moderate tone of voice, do not use vulgar words and always respect your interlocutor during a conversation, even when you think that what he says does not make sense.

9. There are rules of protocol and education that an elegant person knows to respect: not eating with a full mouth, not interrupting a person while talking, not chewing gum during a meeting or important event, not losing control in public are some of them.

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