Buy and assemble your PC in pieces: a guide to choose the processor, SSD, RAM, and graphics card

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Buy and assemble your PC in pieces: a guide to choosing the processor, SSD, RAM, and graphics card

You have decided. You want to have a desktop PC and get the best possible price. The best option is to buy the components separately and assemble it on your own. The most interesting price and the comforting experience. What is the only thing that you lack? Well, get the components right. Here is the compilation of our most recent shopping guides for processors, RAM memories, SSD drives, and graphics cards so that the basics you have controlled and grouped in one place.

How to choose a graphics card for a PC

Our most recent shopping guide had a very special component of PCs by pieces: the graphics card. If you are thinking of mounting your own, it is quite likely that you want to opt for a very powerful team with clear aspirations to play or work with the multimedia material.

In this component, we must be clear about what we are going to use the equipment for, if we have previous elements that we can take advantage of and with which it must be compatible, and of course, the budget. It depends to a large extent on what you can put your future PC pieces.

The best SSD in the market for your PC

Although in a PC that you mount by pieces you may want to combine a classic hard drive with large capacity and a faster SSD, if you have a budget, bet everything for this type of storage unit.

We have already told you what you must take into account to choose an SSD with which to improve the performance of your computer, and of course, a selection of the best models so that at least one of your future PC disks is an SSD. You will not regret.

Everything you need to know about RAM

The third key element when assembling a PC in pieces is RAM. Here you have to have a series of considerations to choose the most appropriate and above all compatible with our system.

You will then need to decide how much memory to install, which is compatible with the rest of the elements you have chosen and speed/latency values to get the most out of it.

How to choose a processor for a PC

The four components that we recently told you how to choose the most suitable for our PC is the process

In our shopping guide, we break down the specifications in which you should look, what it means and contributes each one to the performance of the PC and tips so that you do not make a mistake when choosing this component.

How to assemble a PC by pieces yourself

Once you are quite clear which parts and components you are going to use in your brand new computer, the most fun, exciting and satisfying part comes: mount the PC yourself.

In Engadget, we leave you to step by step to do it, including a video where you can see how we connect and assemble each component of a PC. With some variation for the type of box or components, you already have everything to build your own PC at home.