8 tips for diving for the first time without problems

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8 tips for diving for the first time without problems

The first few times always impose respect, and the first time you dive is no exception. To break that fear of the beginner we offer you these tips to dive for the first time.

Surely following these tips you can fully enjoy the incredible diving experience. And the best thing is that you will not be slow to repeat it again.

Tips for diving for the first time

Find the right instructor

A bad diving instructor means in many cases a bad first experience. Do not hesitate to ask the instructor for credentials to make sure he is a professional.

Choose a good day for your first time

The success of a day of diving depends a lot on the weather conditions. Stay tuned for the weather forecast and do not hesitate to change the date if the day does not look good.

Ask what you can think of

Do not be afraid to ask any question, no matter how stupid you think it is. The instructor is there to solve all your doubts whatever they may be.

Learn to breathe

When you dive for the first time is to hold your breath reflexive instinct will lead you to hold your breath. But remember that you have a tank full of oxygen on your back, so breathe normally.

Stay tuned for your feelings

Although obviously, you are not yet a professional, you can know if something is wrong or not. For example, maybe you do not see well with the diving glasses and do not know if that is normal. When in doubt, as we said in the previous advice, ask. Maybe you’re doing something wrong without knowing it.

You look but you do not touch

Surely to be your first time diving you will be tempted to touch everything, fish and other animals included. Not all the animals you see will be harmless. Follow the rules of the instructor.

Ascend with caution

After enjoying your submarine ride do not quickly return to the surface or you could damage your lungs. As a rule, you do not have to climb more than 15 meters per minute. It is also necessary to stop for about 3 minutes when you are approximately 4 meters from the surface.

Give it a second chance

Not everything in life is perfect from the beginning. If your first time diving is not something to shoot, do not resign yourself. Wait a while and try again, maybe the second time will be much better and you will end up hooking.

If you want to practice these tips for diving for the first time, why not do it with us? ;). We offer you an unforgettable experience in our diving center.


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