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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an Engagement Ring

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In life, there are few really big and important investments to consider, and one of them is to buy an engagement ring. Most of the time it is only one who makes the purchase, but there are modern couples who are willing to divide the costs, and even if this is not your case, it is good to learn how to make a good investment and spend as little as possible.

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We look for several tricks that will help you save money on your engagement ring. From the right size and price, to the best metal, these are seven tips that you should keep in mind.

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Opt for yellow gold

If you want to get the most out of your money, yellow gold is your best option.

Gold prices have risen steadily for years, making it a very good investment and much more affordable than platinum.

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Prioritizes the diamond cut, above the size

While the appeal of having a large rock on your finger is not something you have to explain, it is actually the brightness of the stone that makes it so special. A small but incredibly reflective stone will attract even more attention than a large and opaque stone.

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The degree of clarity is not so important

Generally, the degree of clarity is given too much importance, and the truth is that it is not even perceptible to the human eye.

Ask for a clean diamond instead of perfect, since most of the “faults” that occur naturally in diamonds can not be seen with the naked eye. So to get a better price, consider a diamond practically transparent (degrees G-H) instead of one completely transparent (degrees D-F).

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Opt for a ring with a crown of diamonds

If you’re looking for size, a crown of brilliants around the stone will make your ring look bigger and brighter than if you go for a single stone.

Buy vintage

As vintage rings use diamonds that were mined years ago, you can cut the price of labor that significantly increases the amount of modern rings. In addition, a vintage ring will be unique and very special.

Find a central stone in an untraditional way

Despite an increasingly diverse market, the classic round stones are still the most demanded. If you opt for a less traditional form, such as a princess or Marquesa cut, you probably end up paying much less.

Forget too elaborate settings

Believe it or not, elaborate settings can add a lot of value to your ring, so opt for a simple and traditional setting, since less metal and less work in its preparation means less money!

How did you save money on your engagement ring? Tell us in the comments!

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