5 Books That Can Change Your Life


It often happens that we take a book that fills us with inspiration, positive thoughts and renewed energy to face life. Today I bring you 5 books that inspire me to an unusual level. Books that have changed my life and that may also happen to you if you read them. They are my 5 bedside books and I hope that you also like them and that they will inspire and help you as much as I do.

This post is an answer to the questions you ask me through Instagram about what I read or what my favorite books are. Well, here I bring you the 5 books you have to read to change your life completely.


This is the only book of the 5 that I propose that is only in its original version: English. It is a really incredible book. It has 330 reviews on Amazon and 5 stars. That is for something.

It is a transgressive book, that has a current language, that annoys, it is as if a friend gave you a tough but at the same time inspiring anger.

The first 5 pillars are authentic dynamite. It turns out to be an interesting book both for people who are just starting out and for those who have been around for a while, for both it will be like having a turbo, since among its pages there are real gold nuggets.

In general, the 10 pillars affect your mentality above all. It is a book that is full of examples that will motivate you to move forward, analyzed examples of people who have had a powerful impact on the world.

Some topics that are discussed are how to dissociate time, the equation of how to earn money, issues of self-confidence and, above all, a very important point in this book is responsibility. The way in which it is dealt with in its pages impels you to be solely responsible for your life and stop blaming others or even the system.


“I look at the starry sky and find it small, will I be the one who grows or is the universe shrinking?”

The book is full of incredible phrases that take you through the journey of the mentality of someone exceptional and advanced to his time as was Dalí. Talk about authenticity, about being genuine and about what others think about you.

Between the pages of this book we can discover the inner strength of Dalí who never doubts who he is and how far he will be.

And something very interesting is studying what a genius did in his life, how he acted, what he did, what he painted, what he wrote, etc. But, without a doubt, something even more interesting is to try to see the mind of a genius, what is inside and how he talks to himself.

Dali speaks defiantly, with a confidence that overflows, being aware of his talent and expressing it in words. What for many might be arrogance or lack of humility, for me is the main reason for Dalí’s success. And, really reading his biography has made me better understand his life and appreciate his works.

His idea of ​​creating something unique is extraordinary. It reflects the passion you feel for what you do, loving the process, not just the result.

In the book, he narrates when he paints a painting, how he sees it as he almost talks to him, how the painting becomes a nightmare, friend, part of him. He ends up transforming himself into his work.

He not only loves the process of creating his works, but the process of life, since he gets up. He has days where he describes only the joy he feels for being alive and doing what he likes.

Another inspiring thing in the book is when it talks about mistakes and perfection.

“Rozo perfection, which means that it is immensely far away, like everything that rubs”

Basically it is aimed at people who have projects where creativity is something very important, for people who look for inspiration and try to understand (even if it is very complicated) a genius.


This book I have used as a tool to meditate since all its content relaxes you and helps you to understand much about the essence of the human being.

The most outstanding feature of this issue that I recommend is that it helps you eliminate the drama and negative feelings of your life as much as possible. He personally helped me a lot in a very hard emotional moment of my life. Let’s say it was a book that made me take off and leave a kind of negativity hole. It helps you understand concepts such as the ego or the body of pain.

About the body of pain and I began to speak in the post 5 secrets that will help you understand the functioning of your mind at a very advanced level.

Basically this concept is what made me interested in this book. The body of pain “is an entity that can not be touched but we all have, however positive you are, and that entity is what makes you think negative things or you get discouraged.” It is something that we can not finish but thanks to readings like these we can get to understand and control it.

It is a brilliant book, not only because it is interesting and inspiring but because it really shines with positivity, with light for your life and I recommend that you read it regardless of your age or situation. I think that the teachings of this book should be a subject that we missed in school. And is that before understanding the world is important to understand ourselves.

Also, if you are in a complicated moment in your life and are having a hard time with anything that makes you sad or discouraged, this book can help you more than you imagine.


This was the book that got me hooked to reading a few months ago.

It fascinates me because it is a book that helps you attract everything you want to your life.

Napoleon Hill is one of the greatest exponents of the “New Thought”, the philosophical current that inspires me most of all and speaks of attracting things to your life through affirmations, positivity and meditation.

15 powerful chapters that are focused on building such a strong desire to give something to the world, that it is inevitable that you will be rewarded.

This is not about making money, it’s about helping people. You will also learn to understand your mind, your subconscious to control your behavior so that it is a consequence. With the book you will transform your pocket and your belief system.

Chapters like that of the master team, or desire, or the last chapters where the brain and the sixth sense are talked about completely hook you. They inspired me a lot and I am sure that they will also inspire you to transform your life. This book is aimed at people who seek inspiration and control over their life, in addition to building a belief system that makes them achieve their goals.


And now we come to my favorite book.

I have always believed that we are born free, clean of mind, pure and as we grow we lose those values ​​of children (innocence, kindness, ability to dream, to imagine), which in my opinion are very important to have a happy life.

You surely already know the story of The Little Prince, the incredible adventure of a child from another planet who is going to stop to the earth and in a desert he meets an aviator. There the little prince tells him things about his life and where he comes from. The whole book is reflections on important things in our lives, from the vision of a child, but in an extraordinary and super inspiring way. And, I have to say that this is not a children’s book but it is aimed at adults because of all the inspirational material for our lives.

I would like to highlight the relationship between The Little Prince and his rose, which is one of the most incredible points and which refers to how love is perceived by him.

My favorite chapter may be number 21, where the concept of friendship is reflected in a very special way.

In the end, however much we try to understand our life, the most incredible thing, what drives us to live is what we can not understand, what makes us human. That which goes beyond logical patterns, such as love, friendship or helping people by the mere fact of helping them. And once someone told me that if you open a random page in this book and read a random phrase, it will always tell you what you need to hear.

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