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4 Marketing resources for restaurants that are not taking advantage

4 Marketing resources for restaurants that are not taking advantage

Marketing for restaurants is essential if you want to get to know you, reach more customers and get the most out of your business. Learn how it can help you.


4 Marketing Resources for Restaurants that are not taking advantage

Let’s see how you can take advantage of marketing for restaurants in your business.

1.Marketing Resources for Restaurants: A letter is a tool that is not used

The letters in the restaurants are badly focused since they are only used as a support for a list of endless dishes, which for the client does not mean anything more than this, a long and boring record of options to order. That on being many, it bothers him and does not help him to decide well.

You have to know that the letter helps you sell and for this, you have to do it in a professional way and not just put your dishes, without a marketing strategy.

Think that every time a client has your letter in your hand, you are placing a 100-second ad to sell your best dishes.

If you follow some procedures specifically designed to make this letter not only more visually appealing to the customer and improve the experience with the brand from that moment, but also to make it more profitable, why not do it?

Profitability of the dishes is the beginning to have a letter focused on selling our most profitable items. Without this small base, the restaurants are lost and will never be able to follow the correct path that follows with the Engineering of Menus, the Neuromarketing and the design of letters.

For example, designing such a letter is not the same. With many dishes, where nothing stands out in the eyes of the client more than the titles.

That makes a shorter, neat letter and that you can highlight what you want to sell to your client.

Of course, improving the menu of the restaurant is a fascinating task that brings immediate and very satisfactory benefits for the management. Here are some clues to achieve it.

And if you could have a 30% more profitable letter, would not you? Have more profitable letters and increase sales.

2. Marketing Resources for Restaurants: The communication that is used in the sector, does NOT work.

Did you know that 85% of the purchase decision is stored in the subconscious and the only way to reach it, is through emotions?

The language used by companies do NOT reach the customer’s purchase button, this happens because many restaurants do not make the customer feel anything.

Never forget it:

If you do not move the emotions of your customers, do not move the sales of your restaurant

With thousands of advertising impacts per day, the only way you have to remind the client is through the emotion you make him feel. Restaurants have to surprise, give happiness and provide value at all times.

But do they really?

What strategies do you follow to achieve it?

To get to the customer’s excitement and generate a true enthusiasm for our brand, you must know the customer, from their need, understand it, find the solution, create products for them and communicate the message of the restaurant centered on it, in YOUR client, not in your products and their characteristics, which is what is usually done.

But how many restaurants do we see that are able to convey their message in this way? And what’s worse, how many customers remember at the end of the day YOUR restaurant?


3.Marketing Resources for Restaurants: Social Networks the best ally for YOUR restaurant

According to the study published by The Cocktail Analysis, in Spain, the percentage of users with a social network account is 91%. No more no less.

There are 16 million people between 16 and 74 years old who connect daily to the internet in Spain. We see the big mistake that, with these tremendous and magnificent figures, the restaurants that continue without going strong in this new form of communication.

The marketing for restaurants in social networks does work!

Social networks are one of the best marketing tools for restaurants at zero cost, easy to use, but they are still unknown to many restaurants.

I see a lot of fear still to enter social networks, especially the opinions of customers. I always say, whoever does nothing, should fear nothing.

If your food is good, calm, opinions will be too.

If what restrains you are the opinions, go ahead, without fear.

The reality is that every day I see with sadness flat and boring texts on the walls of many restaurants facebook, which still do not understand how you get the engagement with the user. Hopefully, they will stop putting only their daily menu and begin to put recipes, pictures of their dishes or tell an interesting story.

We do not see almost any video of restaurants on YouTube, so talk about the communication they do on Twitter.

I think one of the biggest problems is the lack of a marketing strategy for restaurants on social networks.

Do not you think it’s a big mistake not to take the opportunity?

4.Marketing Resources for Restaurants: Websites are not focused on the customer experience

How many websites of restaurants are designed for the user, in their experience and in facilitating that they know our product and finalize in a reservation and/or purchase of our services?

I am afraid that very few since the majority is oriented to the product, to inform in a boring and obsolete way what your company is, but it does not communicate what it does for the client.

Here we have an example, this website does not tell me anything, it does not seduce me, it is not attractive.

The client wants value and help when he looks for us, so he wants to know us in a visual way, with good photos of the dishes of the menu and the restaurant. You want a useful web, with all the information you are looking for by hand and with a simple interface.

This website is already close to what has to be a more attractive website for restaurants. We see the phone number, a booking button, photos, etc.

The experience of the client on the Internet will surely begin on your website or blog. Do you think that you communicate your brand and product in the best possible way?

Let’s stop playing with our restaurant and worry about communicating in a correct and professional way so that these new visits are transformed into sales.

If you want to increase the sales of your restaurant but you need a little inspiration, I give you my Free Ebook Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

And if you prefer to delve into how to take advantage of your restaurant’s menu, after 10 years specializing in it, I have created the Diploma Course in Gastronomic Marketing and Online, where I personally advise you to create it.

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