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10 mixology utensils that you can not miss

10 mixology utensils that you can not miss

To prepare a good cocktail, you need to be well equipped and have the necessary utensils to make your cocktail perfect. These utensils can not only be used to prepare cocktails, but also to serve a good beer, and of course, you will not need them all, but they are a basic kit for mixing and combining drinks.

1. Mixer or mixer glass

This mixer is essential to prepare our cocktail since it is a wine glass that has a large capacity (750cl approximately) and is used to mix all the ingredients. Normally low-density liquids and mixtures without sugar.

2. Jigger or Meter for cocktails

It is an essential tool to dose the amount of liquid you want to mix. It is a two-sided measurement tool with different measurements on each side. There are different sizes of jigger for cocktails, small ones are special for dosing liquors, and large meters are more for other liquids such as juices or water. With this jigger for cocktails, you will get the perfect measure so that our drink has the right touch.

3. Filter colander or Gusanillo for cocktails

It is a stainless steel element, with handle, that fits in the mixing glass. It can be the typical fine mesh colander or a pin with a spiral that serves to strain the mixture, preventing the pulps from leaking from the juices or the ice.

4. Bar Spoon or bar spoon

It is a spoon with the very long handle that helps us to precise the measurements and is used to mix the ingredients in the mixing glass. In general, it usually has a capacity of 5 cc.

5. Muddler or pestle for cocktails

It is another of the practical utensils to prepare our cocktails. It is used to crush and extract all the essence of fruits, aromatic herbs, etc. There are different ways, stainless steel and striated plastic, which is used more for fruits, and a smooth wood muddler, which is usually more suited to crush aromatic herbs.


6. Juicer

This well-known instrument that has different designs and can be manual or electronic, allows us to extract the juice of the citrus fruit, filtering its content and leaving, as a result, a natural juice. The juicer is essential to prepare cocktails to which we have to add citrus, as it saves time and discards the annoying and bitter seeds.

7. Knife for bar or cocktail

In many cocktails we use citrus, to aromatize, to give it an acid, fresh paint, to decorate … to cut citrus fruits, a specially designed Churchill is necessary since many of these fruits are soft. This special knife allows cutting citrus slices and has a forged blade. This tool has many variants, there are with and without teeth, in different shapes and in different sizes. In addition to this knife, it is also advisable to have another knife, which is a short knife that allows us to peel the citrus fruit since its leaf has a special shape.


8. Ice bucket or cooler and scoops of ice or scoop

They are two basic and complementary instruments that are usually made of stainless steel, although there are also plastic ones. The ice bucket helps us to keep the ice cold and isolated, and the tongs help us pick up the ice and add it to the drinks without touching them with our hands.


9. Blender or blender

This electric tool helps us to crush and mix all beverages without any problems with their ingredients, whether they are pieces of fruit, cream or ice cream. All the ingredients that we are going to use are placed to create our cocktail in the blender and we add a lot of ice. With this blender what we get is the perfect mixture (to the power that we want) and in a short time, we have the combined perfectly dissolved with the crushed ice.


10. Cutting board

This table is a basic surface to cut fruits and other solid elements on it. They are usually made of rigid plastic.

Perfect! You can now prepare delicious combinations with these basic cocktail instruments.

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